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Rocken P has emerged as one of the most reliable resources for providing the best animal rentals in the movie industry. We have an extensive selection of animals to choose from. Our team of qualified trainers and movie animals look forward to providing professional services to meet your production needs.  We offer a wide variety of movie animal rentals.

Livestock Rentals
We offer a variety of movie horses for lease to Filmmakers and Production Companies - horses of most breeds, colors, and sizes. We have horses trained and/or trainable for stunts, rearing, falls, etc. We have horses fit for all levels of riding ability. We also have ponies, mules, and range cattle.

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Prop Rentals
We have a number of movie wagons, carts, buggies, carriages, and stagecoaches for rent - we offer structures of different sizes, shapes, and materials, and several are available for modification. We can provide matching movie livestock teams of horses or mules to pull wagons in scenes. We also...

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Studio Credits
Our animals have appeared in an assortment of feature films, television shows, commercials, and print advertisements. We have a number of "star" animals frequently selected for thier excellent temperaments and photogenic properties.

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